Hindi To English Meaning Of Words Starting with दू | दू से शब्द

दू से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

दूज (Dooj) = The second day of a lunar fortnight
दूज का चाँद (Dooj ka chaand) = An infrequent visitor, the new moon
दूज-बर  (Dooj-var) = A man who marries a second wife
दूजा (Dooja) = Another, second, second spirit or soul
दूत (Doot) = An ambassador, an envoy, a secret messenger
दूतावास (Dootavas) = An embassy, high commission
दूतपन (Dootpan) = Spying, ambassadorship
दूताई (Dootayie) = The position, duties or status of an envoy, the business of an envoy
दूती (Dooti) = A female envoy, tale-bearer, a procuress
दूध (Doodh) = Milky, sap of certain plants, milk, family, caste, race
दूध उतरना (Doodh utrna) = Milk to come in to the breasts or udder
दूध और चीनी-सा मिलना (Doodh our chini-sa milna) = To mix well, and to good effect
दूध का दूध पानी का पानी करना (Doodh ka doodh pani ka pani) = To adjudicate unerringly, to distinguish the good or true from the bad or false
दूध का धुला (Doodh ka dhula) = Beyond reproach
दूध का बच्चा  (Doodh ka bacha) = A nursing infant
दूध का-सा उबाल (Doodh ka-sa ubal) = A sudden fit or frenzy as of anger or excitement
दूध की बू मुँह से आना (Doodh ki boo munh se ana) = To be still an infant, to be callow
दूध की मक्खी (Doodh ki makhi) = Something both contemptible and troublesome
दूध की लाज (Doodh ki laaz) = Family honour
दूध के दाँत (Doodh ke dant) = Milk teeth
दूध के दाँत न टूटना (Doodh ked ant na tootna) = Not to have reached years of discretion
दूध चढ़ना (Doodh chadna) = Milk to be held in the udder
दूध चढ़ाना (Doodh chdana) = To withhold milk
दूध छुड़ाना (Doodh chhudana) = To wean
दूध देखना (Doodh dekhna) = To examine the milk of a pregnant woman hoping to foretell the sex of the child from its thickness
दूध देनेवाला (Doodh denewala) = Milk giving, dairy animal
दूध पड़ना (Doodh padna) = The milk to form in grain prior to its ripening
दूध पिलाना (Doodh pilana) = To nurse, to suckle
दूध पीना (Doodh peena) = To drink milk
दूध भर आना (Doodh bhar ana) = To fill breasts, udder, to feel maternal affection, milk to flow in
दूधों नहाओ, पूतों फलो (Doodho nahao, pooton falo) = May you prosper in cattle and childrem
दूध-कट्टू (Doodh-kattu) = Weaned early a child or an animal
दूधदानी (Doodhdani) = A vessel for milk
दूध-धारा (Doodh-dhara) = The Milky Way
दूध-धुला (Doodh-dhula) = Pure white
दूध-ख़ून का नाता (Doodh-khoon ka nata) = Blood relationship
दूध-पदार्थ (Doodh-pdarath) = Dairy produce
दूध पीता (Doodh pita) = Still in infancy, nursing
दूध-पूत  (Doodh-poot) = Prosperous state
दूध-फेनी (Doodh-feni) = A kind of vermicelli cooked in milk
दूध-बहन (Doodh-behan) = Foster-sister
दूध-भाई (Doodh-bhaie) = Foster-brother
दूध-भात (Doodh-bhat) = Rice boiled in milk
दूध-माँ (Doodh-maan) = Foster-mother
दूध-मूत (Doodh-moot) = Milk and urine
दूध-मूत करना (Doodh-moot karna) = To care for an infant
दूधवाला (Doodhvala) = A milk vendor, selling milk, yielding milk
दूधाधारी (Doodadhari) = Living on milk
दूधा-भाती (Doodha-bhati) = Ceremonial supping of boiled rice and milk by a bride and bridegroom each feeding the other on the fourth day after marriage
दूधा (Doodha) = Juice of unripe grain, a kind of high-quality  rice
दूधिया (Doodiya) = Made of milk, dairy produce
दूधिया चाय (Doodiya chaiy) = Tea with milk
दूधिया पत्थर (Doodia pathar) = A pottery clay, chalk-stone, opal
दूधी (Doodhi) = Containing or yielding milk, the breast of a mother, name of several plants having milky sap
दून (Doon) = Twofold, double
दून हाँकना (Doon hankna) = To brag, to boast
दून की सूझना (Door ki sujhna) = To dream of something beyond one’s reach
दूना दूना (Doona doona) = More and more, twice as much again
दूब (Doob) = Any of several types of soft grass commonly used as fodder
दूब खेड़े की (Doob khere ki) = A poor man of no account and liable to be trampled on
दूबड़-घसड़ू (Doobad-ghasdu) = A helpless, insignificant person, one who slips away through weakness
दूबिया (Doobiya) = Grass-green, consisting of grass
दूबे (Doobe) = A man of the Dube sub-community
दूभर (Doobhar) = Burdensome, hard to be borne, hard to obtain
दूम (Doom) = Trees
दूमा (Dooma) = A small leather case used for the transportation of tea
दूर (Door) = Distant, remote, tele..
दूर दूर (Door door) = Distant
दूर-संचार (Door-sanchar) = Telecommunications, far off
दूर करना (Door karna) = To keep at a distance, to efface, to dispel, to solve
दूर का (Door ka) = Distant as a relative, far reaching as thought, far-fetched
दूर की कौड़ी लाना (Door ki koudi lana) = Fanciful, to propose something impracticable
दूर पर (Door par) = In the distance
दूर पार (Door paar) = God forbid, used by women
दूर भागना (Door bhagna) = To abstain from
दूर रहना (Door rehna) = To avoid, to shun
दूर से (Door se) = From afar
दूर हो (Door ho) = Clear out
दूरंदेश (Doorandesh) = Prudent, far-seeing, discerning
दूरगामी (Doorgami) = Far-reaching
दूर-चित्रण (Door-chitran) = Telephotography
दूर-दराज़ (Door-draz) = Very distant, far, long
दूर-नियंत्रण (Door-niantran) = Remote control
दूर-प्रहारी (Door-prhari) = Having a long striking-power or range as a gun
दूंरबीन (Doorbin) = Binocular, telescope
दूरभाष (Doorbhash) = Telephone
दूर-मुद्रक (Door-mudrak) = Teleprinter
दूर-लेख (Door-lekh) = Telegram
दूरवर्ती (Doorvarti) = Remotely situated, ancient as a period, living at a distance
दूरवासी (Doorvasi) = Abroad, living at a distance, outlandish
दूरदर्शन (Doordarshan) = Remote, situated at a distance in space or time
दूरांतरित (Doorantrit) = Removed far off
दूरागत (Dooragat) = Come from afar
दूरीकृत (Doorikrit) = Removed
दूरीभूत (Dooribhoot) = Distant, removed
दूरत्व (Dooratav) = Distance, remoteness
दूरदर्शी (Doordarshi) = Telescope
दूरदर्शक-यंत्र (Doordarshk yantr) = Binocular
दूरदर्शिता (Doordarshita) = Foresight
दूरदर्शी (Doordarshi) = A learned, long-sighted, far-seeing
दूरी (Doori) = Remoteness, separation distance away
दूरी पर (Doori par) = At a distance of
दूलम (Doolam) = Hard to obtain, what is not attainable
दूल्हा (Doolah) = A bridegroom
दूल्हा देखना (Doolah dekhna) = To see a prospective bridegroom
दूषक (Dooshak) = A wicked person, contaminating, attributing blame
दूषण (Dooshan) = Disgracing, censuring, spoiling, calumny, corrupting
दूषणीय (Dooshnya) = Blameworthy, base
दूषित (Dooshit) = Corrupted, disgraced, falsely accused, spoiled
दूषित करना (Dooshit karna) = To spoil
दूष्य (Dooshya) = Contemptible, blamesworthy
दूसरा (Doosra) = Another, a duplicate, a second person, a match
दूसरा उतार (Doosra utaar) = Square root in math.
दूसरा चढ़ाव (Doosra chdav) = Square in math.
दूसरी बार (Doosri bar) = Again, a second time
दूसरी माँ (Doosri mann) = Stepmother
दूसरे (Doosre) = Secondly
दूसरे दिन (Doosre din) = The next day
दूहिया (Doohiya) = Fireplace, double stove

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