Hindi To English Meaning Of Words Starting with थ | थ से शब्द

थ से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

थई (Thai)= a mass, heap, pile
थकन (Thakan)= growing tired
थकना (Thakna)= to tire, to be exhausted, to stop, sluggish
थका माँदा (Thaka-manda)= tired, tired out
थका हारा (Thaka-hara)= exhausted, dejected
थकान (Thakaan)= tiredness, fatigue, exhaustion, lassitude
थकाना (Thakana)= to tire, to fatigue, to harass
थकावट (Thakavat)= tiredness, fatigue, exhaustion, lassitude
थकाहट (Thakahat)= tiredness, fatigue, exhaustion, lassitude
थकित (Thakit)= tired
थक्का (Thakka)= congealed, a mass, an ingot
थन (Than)= udder, teat, a large udder; in milk
थनी (Thani)= a fleshy growth (as founds on the necks of goats)
थनेला (Thanela)= inflamed breast (of a woman), inflamed udder, a swelling or abscess in the breast
थनैत (Thnait)= resident headman (of a village); landlord’s agent, or manager
थपक (Thapak)= a pat, a tap
थपकना (Thapkna)= to pat, to tap, to soothe
थपकी (Thapki)= a pat
थपड़ी (Thapdi)= clapping of hands
थपथपाना (Thapthapana)= to pat, to tap, to soothe
थपना (Thapna)= to be patted
थपनो (Thapno)= fixed place, firm refuge
थपेड़ा (Thapeda)= slap, blow, buffet, impact (as of waves, wind)
थप्पड़ (Thappad)= a slap, blow, to strike
थमना (Thamna)= to stand still, quiet, to cease, to be supported
थमाना (Thar)= a layer
थर थर(Thar-thar)= shaking, trembling
थरथराना (Thartharana)= to shake, to tremble, to quiver
थरथराहट (Thartharahat)= trembling
थरथरी (Tharthari)= fit of shivering
थरहर (Tharhar)= to shake, to tremble, to quiver
थर्राना (Tharrana)= to shake, to tremble
थल (Thal)= dry ground, place, site
थलचर (Thalchar)= moving on land, terrestrial; a land animal
थलज (Thalaj)= land-born, living on land
थलपति (Thal-pati)= a king
थल बेड़ा (Thal-beda)= a mooring-place, wharf
थल सेना (Thal-sena)= an army, land forces
थलकना (Thalkana)= to hang loosely, to shake, to tremble
थलथल (Thalthal)= shakiness, shaking: flabby
थलथलाना (Thalthalana)= to become loose or flabby, to shake, to quiver (as a jelly)
थवई (Thavai)= a mason, or carpenter
थहराना (Thahrana)= to shake, to tremble, to quiver

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