Hindi To English Meaning Of Words Starting with था | था से शब्द

था से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

थाँग (Thaang)= trace, track, hiding place (for thieves)
थाँगी (Thaangi)= an informant (about a theft)
थाँभ (Thaambh)= to stop, to clutch, to seize, to prop, to undertake
थाँवला (Thaanvla)= thala
था (Tha)= was
थाक (Thaak)= to tire, to stop, a heap, a boundary pillar
थाती (Thati)= a pledge, given in trust
थान (Thaan)= place, abode, stable, breed (of animals), piece, bolt (of cloth)
थानक (Thaanak)= position, place
थाना (Thana)= a police station, or post
थानेदार (Thanedar)= a police sergeant, superintendent
थानी (Thani)= a householder
थाप (Thaap)= a pat, sound of a drum struck with the palm of the hand, authority
थापना (Thaapna)= to pat, to tap, to plaster, to imprint, to set up
थापा (Thapa)= mark, a stamp, a pug mark
थापी (Thapi)= a wooden instrument for patting or beating (as used by potters, plasterers, stonemasons)
थाम (Tham)= a pillar
थामना (Thamna)= to stop, to seize, to prop, to undertake
थाल (Thal)= a large flat metal plate or dish, a tray
थाला (Thala)= to trench dug round the base of a tree to hold water, a hole in the ground in which a tree is to be planted
थाली (Thali)= a flat metal plate or dish
थावर (Thavar)= stationary, immovable, any inanimate object
थावर जंगम (Thavar-jangam)= things inanimate and animate, all existent things
थावस (Thavas)= firmness, patience, endurance
थाह (Thah)= bottom, shallow water, depth
थाहना (Thahna)= to sound, to plumb

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