Hindi Names of Trees from English

India, like any other country in the world, is full of various kinds of trees, which may be further native to particular region or State. Like coconut tree is particularly available in the coastal areas while in the plains you will not find this tree. Similarly, some trees are native to Himalayan region only.

So, if you are looking to know the Hindi names of trees, this list will help you.

At the same time, if you know any Hindi names of trees that we have not included here, please do share through the comment section.

Trees’ Names in EnglishTrees’s Names in Hindi
Acacia, Baboolबबूल
Peepal or Sacred Figपीपल
Walnut Treeअखरोट
Mango Treeआम
Persian Lilacडेक
Indian Sandalwoodचन्दन
Himalayan Cedarदिआर
Coconut Treeनारियल
Grape Vineअंगूर बेल
Juteपटसन, जूट
Oakशहबलूत वृक्ष, बलूती
Pineचीड़ का वृक्ष
Polyalthiaअशोक का पेड़
Cypressसरू के वृक्ष
Date Palmखजूर का पेड़
Cactusथूहर, सेंहुड
Betel Nut Treeसुपारी का पेड़
Coniferशंकु वृक्ष
Sapodilla Treeचीकू का पेड़
Banana Treeकेले का पेड़
Delonix Regiaगुलमोहर का वृक्ष
Papaya Treeपपीते का पेड़
Guava Treeअमरूद का पेड़

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