Hindi Names of Mathematical Solids

When it comes to knowing mathematical shapes and solids names in Hindi, students across India and abroad also find it difficult to find the Hindi names of various shapes. I have seen a lot of searches done on Google about shapes names in Hindi, Hindi Aakar, Hindi shapes, all shapes name in Hindi and English. With the New Education Policy of India, the importance given to vernacular and local languages would increase and there would be a demand to know the regional meanings of various terms that students learn in English. So, to cater to this need and vision, we are providing the Hindi names of mathematical solids.

Please feel free to use them in any way that you find useful. Also, if you have any questions, feedback or suggestion, please do write to us through the comment section.

Hindi Aakar–Names of Mathematical Solids in Hindi

English Names of Mathematical SolidsHindi Names of Mathematical Shapes
Solid Geometryठोस ज्यामिति
Solid Angleठोस कोण
Dihedral Angleद्वितल कोण
Coneशङ्कु (शंकु)
Rectangular Prismचतुर्भुजीय प्रिज्म
Triangular Prismत्रिभुजीय प्रिज्म

Additionally, the meaning of ‘vertex’ in Hindi is शीर्ष while the meaning of ‘lateral surface’ in Hindi is फलक, and ‘base’ is known as आधार in Hindi.

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