Hindi Names of Mathematical Shapes and Terms

Learning the Hindi language is not complex if you understand various words and terms and can relate them to the English language.

In this post, we are providing various names of Mathematical terms and shapes that are used in day-to-day life, and also providing the transliteration for all of them for easy understanding of foreign users.

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English Hindi Transliteration
Dot बिन्दु Bindu
Circle चक्र Cakra
Triangle त्रिकोण Trikoṇa
Square वर्गाकार Vargākāra
Quadrilateral चतुर्भुज Caturbhuja
Rectangle आयत Āyata
Cylinder वेलनाकार Velanākāra
Cone शङ्कु Śaṅku
Pentagon पञ्चभुज Pañcabhuja
Hexagon षट्कोण Ṣaṭkoṇa
Octagon अष्टभुज Aṣṭabhuja
Semi Circle अर्ध-चक्र Ardha-cakra
Cube घन Ghana
Sphere गोला Golā
Geometry रेखागणित Rekhāgaṇita
Size आकार Ākāra
Oval अण्डाकार Aṇḍākāra
Line रेखा Rekhā

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    1. Well, I would not call them difficult–they are quite regularly used in day-to-day terminology in spoken Hindi and written too. I am sure within a few days, you can learn them.

  1. Yes, also if we start using them regularly instead of English words, we can become more fluent in Sanskrit.

    Also, install Sanskrit keyboard on your mobile and use it regularly for chatting instead of conversing in English

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