Mobile Ko Hindi Mein Kya Kehte Hain

Mobile penetration in India has been phenomenal. Like the introduction of computers to the Indians took the whole IT industry to a new level, it so did to the mobile industry too.

Almost everybody who earns two square meals owns a mobile phone now.

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In Hindi language, mobile is called a mobile only, though in English it has a different meaning altogether apart from being a proper noun.

It also means something that is not stationery and is moving. So, usually, a suffix is added to distinguish it from the proper noun of the gadget. It’s often called mobile phone. To give you an example of how mobile can be used, there are mobile kitchens, mobile clinics, mobile laundry services, etc.

In Hindi, mobile is called mobile only–मोबाईल

However, if you have linguistic interests, telecommunication is called दूरभाष in Hindi and so mobile phone is called:

English Hindi English Pronunciation
Mobile Phone चल दूरभाष Chal Doorbhash

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