Lath Gaad Do Meaning in English

With the unique achievement of Neeraj Chopra winning an individual gold medal at Tokyo Olympics, the famous Haryanavi phrase ‘Lath Gaad Do–लठ्ठ गाड़ दो’ has come into the picture as a lot of people are proudly using it in various sentences like:

छोरे ने लठ्ठ गाड़ दिया

लठ्ठ गाड़ दिया, पापा (This is what Neeraj himself told his father)

So, if you are fascinated by this unique expression, here is the simple meaning of this in English:

It means: “Have achieved”, “It is done”, “Victorious”, contextually meaning marking the boundary or signaling that the area is of the person who has achieved it. It can be used in any field be it sports, studies, or any other walk of life where a person has achieved tremendous success.

So, the meaning of Lath Gaad Do in English would be: “Achieve”, “Make it happen”, “Be victorious”.

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