How to write two types of “r” in Mangal Font

Writing two types of “r” in Mangal Font for Hindi

If you are using Mangal font for writing Hindi text, here is something that I would like to share with you. There are two types of “r” or “र” used in Hindi that are not regular script. One of them is used when the previous consonant is half and one is used when the “r” or “र” itself is half. There is clear rule of recognition for these letters. When the “r” or “र“ is placed as a slanting line under the consonant, it is the that consonant which is half here. If the standing curve like figure is used on the top of a consonant, it means the sound of “r” or “र” is half.

Example of both types of “r”:

प्राप्त (the first “p” is half here and the slanting line below it is the “r”)
पर्वत (the standing curve on “v” is the half “r” here and is sounded between “p” and “v”.

How to type “r” of Hindi in Mangal Font

Now, you know that “halant” is used to make consonants half. When we have to type any half letter in Mangal font, we use the key “d”. So if you have to write the lower “r”, which means the previous consonant needs to be half, you can press that consonant and then press the “d” key following by “j” key, which stands for “r” of Hindi. It will automatically set the letters accordingly.

There is also a shortcut to do it: after pressing the consonant that you want to use, you can directly use “shift+3” key and it will automatically give you the lower “r” of Hindi.

Now if you want to make the “r” half, meaning want to put it on the next consonant, you need to press “j” key and then the “d” key to make it half followed by whatever consonant you want to go for. Mangal font will automatically do it for you.

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  1. It would be written as “ऐशले”…or “ऐशली” depending on the pronunciation. If you end it with the sound of “ee”, it would the second one. Otherwise, it would be the first one. Thanks!

  2. pls
    any one tell me . how can i install free mangal hindi font on inernrt .
    i coudnt found it pls tell as soon as possivble

  3. @arun
    You don’t have install it. You just need to change your keyboard layout from “Regional Settings” of your control panel by adding a keyboard and selecting “Hindi” as language. This would be possible provided you have original version of Windows.

  4. A question is asked above : How to type “yagya” in hindi ?
    You replied : It is typed as: यज्ञ
    But as a matter of fact if we type “yagya” or “yajna” in Mangal fonts, the word printed is यग्य or यज्न not “यज्ञ”
    Can you please guide what keys are to be pressed in Mangal fonts to get the required result?

  5. Dear there, me struggling like hell to find Mangal keyboard layout to leran typing in this fonts, i am well versed in Punjabi that is Raavi but in Hindi, i do typing with slow rate as there are more words than Punjabi, cud anybody help me in this word…trying searching on Google, got full confused there are hundreds of keyboard layout

  6. @jeet singh
    Well, if you know how to write in Punjabi then it is easy in Hindi. Same corresponding letters are used in Hindi with some additions like “Tra, Gya, Ksha, Shra” etc. It just requires a little practice. I am sure you will catch up.

  7. Thanks for answering, well I already said that I am already typing but with slow rate. The problem with me is that I do not how to write some unique words like now struggling with “Kripya” how to put “R” in the leg of “K”, whole day i am stuck with this word, may I beg you if you have keyboard layout of mangal…i would want to see how to create special character…by the way Raavi is very easy than Mangal…there is not much special Character and all the fonts are on keyboard…pls send me pdf of keyboard layout. I am oblige to you.].

  8. Hello Vivek, thanks a lot my Guru Ji…u have solved my problem in which I been struggling from past three days since then I started typing in HIndi. Guru Ji…I need the pdf/word file of keyboard layout of Mangal, i think that will solve my problem. Also I have been helping my friend to translate the words of his English website, i need a website that gives meaning for Navigation of any website in Hindi like Home page, Inbox….is it possible for you to help me or if somebody else could help me…i am oblige…Thanks Guru Ji…

  9. @jeet singh
    Well, I don’t have any PDF document for the same. I just practiced it and I am sure you will also be able to do it.

    Well, to help you with the navigation, I am sorry but I am too busy nowadays. Hope you find someone who is as enthusiastic as you are.

  10. Dear there, 1. could u pls help me putting helent at the foot of word ट of इकटठे but without changing the shape. I did try but word it goes down ठे, which I do not want. 2. I want to put “व” behind the word “द” so to create word “Dwara” but finding it difficulty…Guru ji could u help me in this..may be very simple for you….oblige 4 d same…

  11. Dear Jeet Singh, I am a new learner like you, started hindi typing only 2 months back. Fortunately my computer consultant provided me with layout of hindi key board and also installed hindi ‘Mangal’ fonts in my laptop. I will give you the keyboard layout on Thursday because I will have to scan at my office. Tomorrow is holiday(Indipendence day). Wish you (and all visitors to this site) Happy Indipendence Day!

  12. how to write hraday (heart) in hindi? ह्रदय में ह्र सही नहीं लग रहा। कृपया मार्गदर्शन किजीये।

  13. Dear There
    Though well versed now in Mangal but still has got problem…
    I want to write परमेश्वर like this, but when I converts Mangal fonts in Arial Unicode MS व goes in the legs of half श and becomes one word which is not accepted by my Boss, I want all separate consonants. Could you please let me know the formula for doing that
    With regard

    1. Hi Jeet,

      Well, I understand the problem that you are facing but I guess here your boss is at fault. Because this is how original Sanskrit or Hindi words are represented. The notation is different but it’s not wrong spelling. So, actually, you boss should not have a problem with it. Otherwise, he will have to accept your writing in Mangal font only not convert it in Arial Unicode MS.

  14. Yes Sir, now this is a big problem for, as the whole Christianity, uses word परमेश्वर, शाश्वत and many more….the way I have written. Anyway, help me in getting some another Unicode font that would help me to write the way they want without the combination of consonants. I was trying to bring this in the notice of Microsoft but could not get success hence came to you…
    Thanks for your care and guidance in past.

  15. Though there is a request and response above, but repeating the same question as I wasn’t able to get it.

    I need to write “dwara” in Hindi, where the half “व” comes below “द”.

    As per the previous response, I tried typing: द(o), d(halant), व(b) but it comes out as “द्वारा”. Please guide how I can write the half “व” below “द” in Mangal font

    1. Hi Ramay,

      Well, you are writing it correctly. In Hindi, if you want to write ‘Dwara’, ‘द’ would be half and not ‘व’. Remember, the letter that goes to the foot would be full. द्वारा is absolutely write and you are actually getting what you want. It’s just the font issue that is not showing you the way you want it to be. I opened your comment on my mobile (Moto G, Android based) and the font is coming as you would want–व in the foot of द. However, your spellings are correct and nothing wrong in that.

    1. alt+63 for ?
      alt+38 for &
      alt+ type all number like 1, 2, 3, 4,……………….so on you will get all character as u wise

  16. Dear sir,
    I have recently finished an eBook in Hindi with Mangal font. For formatting, I changed the font to Arial Unicode MS .After conversion, I noticed spelling of several words like द्वारा, सत्तावन changes. I am little bit confused about it. Is this spell-change grammatically correct ? Do such spell-change take place in MS word after converting the font from Mangal to Arial Unicode MS ?

    1. Hi,

      The way spellings are represented are different in both these fonts–they are not wrong. Arial Unicode MS renders it more beautifully. Grammatically, they should be correct if you had typed them correctly in Mangal font.

    1. I am confused about your question–you are asking for inverted commas and apostrophe and then adding Visargah in parenthesis.

      If you want to write inverted comma and apostrophe, you will need to switch to English keyboard. However, for Visargah in Mangal font, you can write with these keys:


    2. इग्लिस में जाने की जरूर नही है यार……
      ALT+34 =”
      और कोई भी करेक्टर टाईप करने के लिए ALT+ कोई भी नम्बर दबाओं गे तो कोई न कोई करेक्टर टाईप हो जायेगा इस तरह कर के देख लो…………1 से 100 तक पूरी पराबलम सालब हो जाये गी

  17. Please help me to write inverted comma “”
    How to write in aprajita font with inscript keyboard.
    Please suggest me as soon as possible.

  18. Hello sir, plz send me all shortcut key of mangal font .my email id is reshusharma421@, its urgent , send fast …plzz

    1. मेरे दोस्त ALT+ कोई भी नम्बर जब जैसे 1 2 3 4 5 ………..99
      तो सब करेक्टर और साटकट मिल जाये गा

    1. To type inverted commas and quotation marks, please use the regular English keyboard. You can’t type them using Mangal font.

      1. Hey. How can i type “office” and “operator” (आॅफिस , आॅपरेटर) in hindi… when i am writing these words in ms word i am not able to type

        1. I don’t know how you wrote them while asking the question, but if you simply copy-pasted them, here are the keys to type them:

          ऑफिस– | H f m
          ऑपरेटर– | h j e ‘ j

          These keys will give you the desired words in Mangal font.

  19. Gm sir, inverted commas or single inverted commas k liye mangal font m kaise likhege agr koi word hme ” ” k andr likhna ho , kya keyboard ki language change krege ,English m ya koi or trika h , plzz tell me

  20. मंगल फोन्ट मे द्वारा टाइप करने के लिये कोन कोन से की दबाने होंगे?

    1. मंगल फोन्ट मे ‘द्वारा’ टाइप करने के लिये कोन कोन से की दबाने होंगे?

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