How to Say Really in Hindi

There are many expressions that can be used to translate ‘really’ in Hindi because the meaning could differ depending upon the context of the sentence. In general, ‘really’ cane be translated to all of these words:

  • वस्तुतः
  • सचमुच
  • वास्तव में
  • यथार्थ में

Apart from these words where it is used as an adverb, ‘really’ can also be used to express amazement. Suppose, you are at a mobile store, and asked the salesperson to show you some sets. Among the sets that he/she showed, he also showed you a particular set which he labelled as ‘best phone under 25000’, and you are surprised because the phone is really good and have modern features of a smartphone. You will say ‘really!’

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Or you are surprised because the phone looks costly. The scenario could be any of these.

At that point, you will have a questioning or exclamatory tone in your voice while saying सचमुच.

How to say really in Hindi

It basically depends upon how and where you are using this word in a sentence while writing something in Hindi or conversing with somebody. The art of using such words comes with practice and can’t be taught in a single article because live situations would be better in making the learner realize where to use which words and how to pronounce them giving different meanings.

Another common word that is used apart from the abovementioned words for ‘really’ is अच्छा. This word can be used both ways—questioning, showing surprise and acknowledging too, but when used in questioning and showing surprise, it give the same meaning as the abovementioned words for ‘really’.

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