How to Say Happy Father’s Day in Hindi

A lot of people argue that there is no need to celebrate a day to thanks your parents. Father’s Day or Mother’s Day need not be celebrated on any particular days of the years because if you are grateful to your parents, you can wish them or show them your love any time or all the time. Why celebrate a special day and do something for them and then not do it for the rest of the year.

While this is a valid argument, I personally feel that celebrating at least one day if not every day is still meritorious. If you are lucky enough to live with your parents after you are married and have a job etc. (settled in life, as they say), you can celebrate this day as a family.

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However, sending fathers day wishes on a particular day become very special and endearing if you are living away from parents—for example, a lot of expats feel the heart-pinch on this day because they feel they should be with their parents. This is where they take out a day from their busy schedule and would like to extend their sincerest thanks to their fathers for making them successful in life.

So, if you are trying to convey your feelings but want to know how to say happy father’s day in Hindi, here’s something for you!

How to say happy father's day in Hindi

This expression is bit difficult because we don’t use पितृ in common language but use पिता. However, if we go for literal translation of this day, पिता दिवस या पिता दिन, grammatically, it would not parse. So, we will have to stick with पितृ दिवस. However, you can alternatively say बधाई हो and add the personal touch of saying that “Today, it’s your day, day!” In Hindi, you can it like this: “पिता जी, आज आपका दिन है।“

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