Hindi To English Meaning Of Words Starting with Poo | पू से शब्द

पू से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

पूँगड़ा (Poongda) = A boy
पूँछ (Poonchh) = Tail, rear part as of an aircraft
पूँछ पकड़कर चलना (Poonchh pakdkar chalna) = To follow blindly and in a dependent way
पूँछदार (Poonchhdar) = Having a tail 
पूँछ-हिलौवल (Poonchh-hilouval) = Abject, cringing flattery
पूँछार (Poonchhar) = An animal having a long tail
पूँजी (Poonji) = Capital, assets, a fund, 
पूँजीगत (Poonjigat) = Having to do with capital as expenditure
पूँजी-पति (Poonji-pati) = A capitalist
पूँजी-प्रधान (Poonji-pardhan) = Capitalist a country
पूँजीवाद (Poonjivad) = Theory of capitalism, capitalism
पूग (Poog) = Betel nut and plant, to be completed, to arrive, to elapse a period of time
पूग-फल (Poog-fal) = Betel nut
पूछ (Poochh) = Request for, enquiry into, attention, opinion
पूछ-ताछ (Poochh-tachh) = Investigation, interrogation, enquiry
पूछ-ताछ करना (Poochh-tachh karna) = To enquire
पूछन (Poochhan) = Enquiring, asking
पूछना (Poochhna) = To take notice of, to ask, to enquire
पूज (Pooj) = To be healed, to be filled, to elapse, to be paid 
पूजक (Poojak) = Worshipping, a worshipper
पूजत (Poojat) = Venerating
पूजन (Poojan) = Worshipping, receiving with due respect a visitor
पूजना (Poojna) = To bribe, to worship, to beat
पूजयिता (Poojyata) = Worshipper
पूजा (Pooja) = Adoration of a deity, homage, a bribe, a beating
पूजा-पाठ (Pooja-path) = Worship, with the reading of religious texts
पूजित (Poojit) = Adored, venerated, worshiped
पूज्य (Poojya) = A deity, to be worshipped, honoured
पूज्यपाद (Poojyapad) = Whose feet are to be revered
पूज्यवर (Poojyavar) = Greatly venerable
पूज्यत्व (Poojyatav) = Worshipfulness
पूट (Poot) = Sacrum bone of a cow
पूठा (Pootha) = The cover of a book
पूत (Poot) = A son, pure, purified
पूतों फलना (Pooton falna) = To proper, to be prolific
पूत-फल (Poot-fal) = The jack-fruit
पूतात्मा (Pootatma) = One whose soul is pure, pure-souled
पूति (Pootie) = Purity, sanctity, stench, putrefaction
पूनम (Poonam) = Full moon day, night
पूनसलाई (Poonslai) = A  thin roller on which cotton is prepared for spinning
पूनी (Pooni) = A skein, a roll of cotton prepared for spinning
पूर (Poor) = Full, filling, large expanse of water, filling of a pastry
पूर पड़ना (Poorpadna) = To able to perform a task
पूरंपूर (Poornpoor) = Full to the brim, full
पूरा करना (Poora karna) = To fill in, to blow a conch, to weave as a spider
पूरक (Poorak) = Completing, a supplement, complementary, a multiplier in math.
पूरण (Pooran) = Filling up, populating a region, pouring drops into, completing
पूरण करना (Pooran karna) = To fill up
पूरबी (Poorbi) = An eastern product as rice or tobacco, name of a ragini, eastern language, eastern Hindi
पूरबीपन (Poorbipan) = Eastern dialect usage in standard Hindi
पूरा (Poora) = Complete, satisfied as desires
पूरे का पूरा (Poore ka poora) = Whole, accomplished, quite complete 
पूरा सामान (Poora sman) = Everything needed for a purpose, absolute, unrestricted
पूरा उस्ताद (Poora ustad) = A real master
पूरा उतरना (Poora utrana) = To pass a test, to come up to a mark
पूरा करना (Poora karna) = To complete, to finish, to satisfy, to make a good deficiency
पूरा पड़ना (Poora padna) = To suffice, to be enough
पूरे दिन लगना (Poore din lagna) = To approach full term of pregnancy
पूरापन (Poorapan) = Completeness, fullness
पूरित (Poorit) = Accomplished, complete
पूरिया (Pooriya) = Name of a rag or ragini
पूरी (Poori) = A small round cake of unleavened wheat flour, deep-fried in oil
पूर्ण (Pooran) = A whole, perfective, full
पूर्णकाम (Poorankaam) = Of fulfilled desire
पूर्णकालिक (Poorankalik) = Full-time work
पूर्णतः (Poorantah) = Entirely, completely
पूर्ण-प्रतापी (Pooran-partapi) = One whose glory is complete 
पूर्णमासी (Pooranmasi) = The day or night of full moon
पूर्णवयस्क (Pooranvyask) = Adult, of full age
पूर्ण-विराम (Pooran-viram) = Full stop
पूर्णांक (Pooranank) = A whole number
पूर्णांकों में (Poorananko mein) = In round numbers
पूर्णाकार (Poornakar) = Full scale as a model
पूर्णाधिकार (Pooranadhikar) = Full authority
पूर्णप्राप्त (Pooranprapat) = With full power, plenipotentiary
पूर्णायु (Pooranayu) = Entire life, full age
पूर्णाहुति (Pooranahuti) = Concluding rite, complete oblation
पूर्णता (Poornta) = Completion, perfect state, perfection
पूर्णिमा (Poornima) = The night or day of full moon
पूर्ती (Poorti) = Satisfying, fullness, accomplishment
पूर्व (Poorav) = Prior, forward, eastern, initial 
पूर्व-निश्चित (Poorav-nishat) = Formerly, ancient, determined
पूर्व-कल्पना (Poorav-kalpna) = Preconceived idea 
पूर्वकालिक (Pooravkalik) = Ancient, of former times
पूर्व-कृत (Poorav-krit) = Done formerly
पूर्व-गत (Poorav-gat) = Former, preceding
पूर्व-गामी (Poorav-gami) = A predecessor, preceding
पूर्वज (Poorvaj) = Ancestor, elder
पूर्व-ज्ञान (Poorav-gyan) = Foreknowledge
पूर्वदैहिक (Pooravdaihik) = A former bodily existence
पूर्व-निर्धारित (Poorav-nirdharit) = Predetermined
पूर्व-पक्ष (Poorv-paksh) = Fortnight of the waxing moon, first side of an argument, assertion, plaintiff’s statement or case 
पूर्व-फालगुनी (Poorv-falguni) = The eleventh lunar asterism
पूर्व-पीठिका (Poorv-pithika) = Background, introductory information
पूर्व-प्रत्यय (Poorv-pratyy) = Prefix
पूर्व-भाद्रपदा (Poorv-bhadrpada) = The twenty-sixth lunar asterism
पूर्ववर्ती (Poorvvarti) = Preceding, previous, a predecessor
पूर्व-शर्त (Poorv-shart) = Precondition
पूर्वसर्ग (Poorvsarg) = Preposition
पूर्वाग्रह (Poorvgrah) = Prejudice, bias
पूर्वाधार (Poorvadhar) = Premise for action
पूर्वाधिकारी (Poorvadhikari) = Predecessor in office, former proprietor
पूर्वानुमान (Poorvanuman) = Forecast as of weather, supposition
पूर्वानुराग (Poorvanurag) = Love arising before the lover have  met
पूर्वापर (Poorvapar) = In all aspects, first and last, in front and rear, east and west
पूर्वाभास (Poorvabhas) = Premonition, foreboding
पूर्वाभ्यास (Poorvabhyas) = Rehearsal, prior practice
पूर्वार्द्ध (Poorvardh) = First half
पूर्वावस्था (Poorvavstha) = Previous condition, or situation
पूर्वाषाढ़ा (Poorvashada) = The first  of two constellations called Asarha
पूर्वाह्न (Poorvahan) = Morning
पूर्वोक्त (Poorvakt) = Mentioned above
पूर्वोत्तर (Poorvottar) = North-east
पूर्वोपाय (Poorvopaya) = Precaution
पूर्वता (Poorvata) = Precedence, priority
पूला (Poola) = Sheaf of grass, bundle, skein of thread
पूली (Pooli) = A small sheaf, small hank
पूष (Poosh) = The mulberry
पूषन (Pooshan) = The sun
पूस (Poos) = The tenth lunar month of the Hindu year, December-January

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