Hindi to English Meaning of Words Starting With Ho | हो से शब्द

हो से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

हों (Hon)=may be, may become (we, you, they, used with plural pronoun)होंट (Hont)=lip
होंठ (Honth)=lipहोंठल (Honthal)=one who has thick lips
हो (Hon)=may it happen (you, he, used with singular)हो (Ho)=hello, said to grab attention
होइ (Hoi)=similar to the meaning of होहोई (Hoee)=a kind of a sacrifice, a festival observd in India
होगा (Hoga)=will be, will happenहोटल (Hotal)=an eating joint
होठ (Hoth)=lipहोड़ (Hor, Hod)=a bet, contest
होड़ा-होड़ी (Hora hori, Hoda hodi)=same as होड़होड़ी (Hori, Hodi)=a kind of a boat
होतव्य (Hotavya)=destined to happenहोतव्यता (Hotavyata)=destiny, fate
होता (Hota)=the one officiates a fire sacrificeहोत्र (Hotra)=an offering made in the fire sacrifice
होत्री (Hotri)=wife of the fire-sacrifice officiating priest होनहार (Honhar)=yet to happen, impending, a promising person
होनहारी (Honhari)=feasibility, likelihoodहोना (hona)=to be, to exist, to become
होते (Hote)=passing nearहोते होते (Hote hote)=in the course of happening, while happening
होनी (Honi)=being, existence, birthहोम (Hom, Homa)=a fire sacrifice
होमना (Homna)=to make an offering in the fire sacrificeहोय (Hoy)=same meaning as होइ
होरसा (Horsa)=a kind of a board on which bread is madeहोरा (Hora)=an hour,
होलड़ (Holar, Holad)=a song sung at the birth of a childहोला (Hola, Holaa)=grams or peas half-roasted in the pod
होला (Hola, Holaa)=same meaning as होड़ीहोलिका (Holika)=name of a demoness, sister of Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha
होलिका दहन (Holika dahan)=lighting the Holi fireहोलिकानल (Holikanal)=the Holi fire
होती (Holi)=festival of colors held on the full moon day of the lunar month Phalgunहोश (Hosh)=consciousness, in the wits
होश हवास (Hosh hawaas)=same meaning as होशहोशयार (Hoshyar)=intelligent, knowledgeable, skillful, watchful
होशियार (Hoshiyar, Hoshiyaar)=watchful, intelligent, skillfulहोशियारी (Hoshiyari, Hoshiyaari)=intelligence, watchfulness, discretion

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