Hindi To English Meaning Of Words Starting with तू | तू से शब्द

तू से शुरु होने वाले शब्दों की सूची नीचे दी गई है।

तूँ (Toon) = You, thou
तूं-ताँ करना (Toon-tan karna) = To squabble, to hurl abuse, to dispute
तूँबा (Toomba) = Hollowed-out gourd, a float, a container for water
तूँबी (Toombi) = A small gourd
तू (Too) = You, thou, emphasises intimacy or informality or reverence
तू तू मैं मैं करना (Too too mein mein karna) = To hurl abuse, to squabble
तू तू मैं मैं (Too too mein mein) = Squabbling, wrangling, mutual abuse
तू-तड़ाक (Too-tadak) = Rudeness of manner
तू-तड़ाक करना (Too-tadak karna) = To hurl abuse, to squabble
तू-तू करना (Too-too karna) = Vituperation, abuse
तूणीर (Tooneer) = A  quiver
तूत (Toot) = The mulberry and its fruit
तूती (Tooti) = A  parrot, any small singing bird, eloquent speaker
तूतिया (Tootiya) = Copper sulphate, blue vitriol
तूतिया बुलवाना  (Tootiya bulvana) = To win fame
तूतिया बोलना (Tooiya bolna) = To gain influence, to enjoy good repute
तू-तू (Too-too) = The call of the koel, cuckoo, a sound made in calling to a dog
तूदा (Tooda) = Pile, heap
तूना (Toona) = To abort in animals
तूफ़ान (Toofan) = A calamity, a storm of wind and rain
तूफ़ान आना (Toofan ana) = To blow, a storm to strike
तूफ़ान उठाना (Toofan uthana) = To raise a commotion
तूफ़ान कड़ा करना (Toofan kada karna) = To defame, to slander
तूफ़ानी () = Mischief-making, stormy weather, boisterous as a reception
तूफ़ानी दस्ता (Toofani dasta) = Flying squad
तूमड़ी (Toomdi) = A pipe made from a gourd used by snake-charmer, jugglers
तूमना (Toomna) = To pull to pieces as cotton or wool, before combing and spinning
तूमार (Toomar) = A long-drawn-out story, rigmarole
तूमार खड़ा करना (Toomar khada karna) = To make much of little, to make a long story
तूरान  (Tooran) = Turkestan
तूरानी (Toorani) = A Turk, a Mongol
तूर्ण (Toorn) = Swift
तूर्य (Toorya) = A trumpet
तूल पकड़ना (Tool pakdna) = To extend far, to be drawn out
तूल देना (Tool dena) = To spin out words, to lengthen
तूल-कलाम (Tool-klam) = Verbosity
तूल-तवील (Tool-tavil) = Drawn out as a story
तूल (Tool) = Cotton like fibre, bright red cotton cloth, a red colour, length, extent, diffuseness
तूलिका (Toolika) = A painter’s brush
तूली (Tooli) = A  painter’s brush

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