Fault in Hindi language in Delhi Metro

So, it is not that you are a foreigner and you don’t understand Hindi so well that you will end up making grammatical mistakes in Hindi language. Due to non-standardized use of Hindi and using non-expert translators, natives also make mistakes that are glaring.

I live in Gurgaon and often various parts of Delhi NCR. I see a lot of errors done by government departments in the display boards that are hung on roads etc.

Today, I was traveling to Mayur Vihar Extension through Delhi Metro when this caught my eyes.

Error in hindi language


If you can read Hindi, the meaning in English given below the Hindi text are not literally translating it.

The present text gives the meanings like this:

What is the meaning of wait–प्रतीक्ष करना

What’s the meaning of talk–बोलना

It is faulty Hindi. The context here is the verb. You are asking the person who is talking to the driver of Metro in case of an emergency to ‘wait’ and ‘talk’. However, the Hindi text literally translates to “To wait” and “To talk”. It should be written like this: प्रतीक्षा करें and बोलें.

I notice so many such examples where natives also make mistakes in Hindi. So, don’t worry if you are learning Hindi. Don’t lose heart if you made some mistakes. Keep learning it!

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