Components of Food in Hindi and English | भोजन के अवयव

Below are the Hindi and English Names of Components of Food

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The main components of foods are carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. These are called nutrients.

Components of Food-

ImagesEnglish NamesHindi Names
Free Images - bestof:bread health carbohydrates cakeCarbohydratesकार्बोहाइड्रेट
100+ Free Proteins & Egg Illustrations - PixabayProteinsप्रोटीन
Fat Good Fats Healthy - Free photo on PixabayFatsवसा
Salts | An assortment of salts from the Spice and Tea Exchan… | FlickrMineral Saltsखनिज लवण
Colorful fruits and pills.The concept of vitamins in food … | FlickrVitaminsविटामिन्स
FiberFood Fibersआहारी रेशे/ रुक्षांश
Free Images : liquid, drinking water, graphic design, drawing,  illustration, drop, wind wave, graphics 3480x2780 - Ekta.Varia - 1587631 -  Free stock photos - PxHereWaterजल

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Image source (Food Fibers)- Eat Right.

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