18 Turkish Loanwords Used in Hindi and Punjabi Languages

Continuing our discussion over the topic of loanwords used in the Hindi and Punjabi languages, we are here with a compilation of another 18 words that are pretty commonly used.

The exact spellings, pronunciation and even the contextual meaning of these words from the Turkish language may differ slightly but the essence remains the same. Surely, many of these words may have commonalities in other languages including Persian and Arabic etc.

If you know any such words, please feel free to let us know through the comment section so that other users could also get the information.

Turkish Words Used in Hindi Meaning in English
लाहनत Damn (An expression of contempt)
मुनासिब Possible
शहीद Martyr
जन्नत Heaven
बहार Spring
क़फ़न Shroud
अदालत Justice
दरिया Sea, River
हाज़िर Ready
बहादुर Hero
ऐलान Declare
राहत Comfort
जुमा Friday
शैतान Devil
अज़ीज़ Precious
कतार Row
दफ़न Bury
गरूर Pride

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